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    Unhappy Caught Shoplifting at Wal Mart, What Happens when I Go to Court

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oregon

    Yesterday I got caught stealing 50$ worth of make up at wal mart. The LP people brought me into the security room and took down my information, they first told me that I would receive a letter in the mail from wal mart as a civil demand for the amount of merchandise, they said I could make payments so I'm assuming it will be more than the actual price. Which I am fine with paying. They had to call the police because the amount of merchandise and that I am 18. they said I could or could not be taken to jail depending on the officer, she came and handcuffed me, read me my rights and took a statement I think, anyways, she gave me a court date in a few weeks and took my fingerprints and let me go, she said she should have taken me to jail because I have no record and to scare the shit out of me but let me go. what I am wondering is what will happen to me in court? I believe what I am being charged with is a theft 3 misdemeanor. When I get to court what will I tell the judge and what will he or she say to me? will they make me explain myself? I haven't told my parents anything yet and I don't want to because I am so scared this is extremely out of character for me and i'm terrified at what they will think of me now, so I'm on my own. I know I am guilty so do I plead guilty and just accept the charges? I also heard I can plead no contest but what is the difference? will it help me at all or just cause problems? What kinds of punishment will I receive? I know since I am an adult this will be on my record, how will I get a better job someday? is there ANY possible way I can get this off??? I am planning on starting school this next term and I have a job, I am also going to be in a dance program does the court care that I'm a regular kid who just made a huge mistake? ;(

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Wal Mart, What Happens when I Go to Court

    Frankly, there's since you've already accepted civil liability, pleading no contest will be the same as pleading guilty. The judge will find you guilty and sentence you.

    What court were you summons to. If it is a community court, you may be able to do community service/probation to avoid a criminal conviction.
    Oregon also allows a civil compromise. If Wal*Mart is willing they can acknowledge your payment of the restitution and have the charges dropped. However, I'd not get my hopes up on this since they insisted on reporting this to begin with and it's also at the discretion of the DA whether to go that route.

    I'd definitely talk to a lawyer. If you get a conviction it will be on your record a long time (if not forever). There's a slight possibility of up to 30 days in jail.

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Wal Mart, What Happens when I Go to Court

    You need a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

    Don't count on getting it off - but you might get a Diversion Program or First Time Offenders Program.

    If you live at're gonna want to tell your parents, they will find out somehow (unless you have a good reason to stand by the mailbox every day waiting for the Civil Demand letter to arrive.....).

    Punishment? Well, in addition to the fingerprints and mugshot and a Criminal Record that will haunt you for a while....expect the Civil Demand in the mail....costs for a lawyer (since you can afford school, dance program, and have a job - I think you're going to have a hard time pleading poverty and getting a Public Defender). Court costs and fines. Costs for any programs like Community Service, Diversion.... Expect $1000 - $3000....seriously.

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