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    Exclamation Shoplifting While Under Duress

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Nebraska

    About a week ago on Nov. 3 my grandfather had passed away, and I had to work a few hours before I got the call telling me at 4am in the morning. Anyways, I have never done anything of this nature ever before at all.

    The only thing I remember about that day is going to work and going to NFM (Nebraska Furniture Mart) and while being there I was taken with somebody to a small room, where they were asking me a bunch of questions, but the only thing I remember telling them is that my grandfather died at 96 and I had just seen him the day before.

    I honest to God, have no idea how or why I would do something of that nature. I woke up...or rather woken up with the phone call. All I was thinking about was my grandfather I just saw and how he could be dead just like that.

    Apparently, while I was somewhat catatonic my brain was somewhere else while my body was doing something without checking with my brain.

    I just graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a Bachelor's degree, and have had no criminal behavior of any kind whatsoever in my 30 years. I am still unclear as to why I would have done that because I had paid for 2 other items, why not the 3rd?

    I barely remember anything I did that day at work because I couldn't focus at all!

    My question is this, I was given a pink slip and told to appear in court December 8th for the appearance. But the thing is the same day that I apparently committed the crime, I paid for it there on the spot, with a check. So technically speaking they got their restitution + $50 civil fees for the cop that took me into the office, which was apparently to compensate him from not being on the floor.

    Anyhow, the fee and the full amount was paid then and there, so what am I still going to the appearance for?

    Secondly, I have been reading up on what seem to be called diversion programs to keep these things from going onto your record. Considering I have never coherently, logically, or purposefully shoplifted a day in my life.

    Do I need to get a public defender, and ask her/him for a diversion program. Since i am 30 I am an adult, and I would like to keep this off of my record. This will certainly not help in the long run when it comes to getting a technical job.

    Please Respond Asap!!

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