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    Default What Are My Options for a Paraphernalia Charge

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Washington

    My girlfriend was pulled over for doing 36MPH in a 30MPH zone literally in the parking lot of her apartment driving home to WSU from Spokane, and the police officer smelled burned pot in the car. They soon discovered my dirty bubbler in her glove box. She was read her rights and cuffed her inside her car as they searched her. Is there any way to get the charge alleviated? If not, how long does one usually receive to pay the fine? She's a good girl with a clean record and a bright future.

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    Default Re: Any Options for Paraphenalia Charge

    There's no requirement for "reading rights" unless they intend to question her after they place her in custody. Whether or not the vehicle search was justified depends on more information that you have given us (and perhaps more than you are party to). If there's any chance of beating this, it will take a lawyer. You do know there's a mandatory MINIMUM 24 hours in jail on this one? The minimum fine is also $250. The fine is pretty much due at conviction but if she's trully indigent, we don't throw people in jail for inability to pay fines.

    She won't have a clean record after this, it's a misdemeanor drug conviction.

    I don't recommend people screw around with a charge that results in jail time. At least consult with a lawyer.

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