My question involves business law in the state of: Florida

A customer sues a builder in small claims court claiming that the material used on their job was substandard - their only witness is a representative from commercial testing company that performed a test that claimed the material was substandard - As it turned out, the company performed a test that did not even pertain to the material used on the job - it was a test for a totally different material so it had erroneous results that seemed to favor the customer. The builder has to hire another firm to come in & dispute the results because they were based on an erroneous test - the judge throws out the customer's suit - does the builder have any right to go after the testing company that performed the bogus test as it cost $600.00 to have an expert come in to testify as to the proper test that should have been done?? Also, could the customer go after their "expert witness" for performing the wrong test?