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    Default Standard of care at the ER

    Hi, In June of 2004 I was feeling very ill.I had chest pains,fever,night sweats. I went to the ER they ask me for my medical history I told them about my past history with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
    The ER Doc did an Xray and blood work and told me I had pnumonia,gave me meds and sent me home.I kept gitting worse so between the first visit and October I was seen in the ER three more times.Each time they had assumed that it was still pnuemonia,I had no bloodwork done and only one xray during these three visits.
    I started passing blood in my urine and was very yellow.I went to a different hospital where I was diagnosed with stage 4 NHL.I had to have debilitating strong chemo for four straight days to save my life.In the process of all this I have 75% irreversible hearing lose in both ears due to the strong chemo.
    I consulted with an attorney to file suit against the hospital who misdiagnosed me.The attorney said that his medical expert didn't think that the ER doctors preformed below the standard of care.
    I thought that doing bloodwork and xrays were standard care when being seen in the ER,exspecially when the pateint has chest pains.Why does the ER ask for your past med history if they aren't going to see if that could be whats causing your symptoms? What is considered the standard of care in the ER? Is there a website that might explain this? Thank You for any info! The state is Mo

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    You are correct that ER's usually chase chest pain to resolution as a standard of care. The issue is the x-ray. It should be indicative of pneumonia. Did you receive the radiologist's report? Most ER's the doc may read and diagnose and then (sometimes the following day, after you are gone) the radiologist "second-reads" the film. This can be very different interpretation. The standard is then you would be called back--this can get missed. Also pneumonia should "look" like pneumonia, not something totally different.

    I disagree with your expert and attorney findings but would need more info as to next steps.

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    Default Re: Standard of care at the ER

    Hi,thank you for responding. Is there away that I can email you? I have the answers to your question's but their rather long to post on the forum.I can though if you would prefer.My Email is again.

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    Default Scott: hope you received my Email regarding my ER visit:

    Thank you for being interested in hearing more concerning my ER visit. I wanted to let you know I Emailed you back just incase you didn't check your Email. Sorry it took so long to reply,this is a rather long and paifull story for me to tell. I still git teary eyed when thinking about what I'v been through.

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    Default Re: Scott: hope you received my Email regarding my ER visit:

    Hey, I just wanted to add something quick that it seems a lot of people don't know. Going to the ER is not the solution for a reoccuring problem. This is a common mistake. The Docs and Nurses in the ER basically want to get you in and out as soon as possible to make room for other patients. Always, always, make a follow up visit with your primary care physician so that they can take a closer look at your history and make sure it's not a bigger problem.

    Hope you get well soon, jypsy and best wishes to you!

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