My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Missouri
My situation involves a child that lives with his mother. He will be 18 very soon. He supposedly lives with his mother. I have checked with the local school district and they only have evidence of him attending school when he was a freshmen. Anyway, i called the local child support office to find out what i need to do to stop child support when he turns 18. They sent a letter to the mother asking for evidence of him still in school or doing a GED program. The mother sent back a letter saying he is attending GED courses. Im not sure if she sent supporting documents cause they would not show me anything when i went and talked to the child support offices. They said when he turns 18 HE has to provide documents to show he is doing a GED program or is still attending high school. They suggested that I write a letter to the mother requesting documents to prove he is doing the GED thing. I did write her and have not received a response. They also suggested filing an emancipation request so then she would have to provide something. In my defense, I have paid child support for over 15 years. I have not skipped out of it. So I feel that my job is done. My relationship with my son is distant at best. Ive talked to him a few years ago on facebook and he is very bitter. I wish the best for him but feel if he is not doing anything to further his education then I want the child support to stop when he turns 18. What are my options? Without having to give a lawyer a big payday (they are always the ones that win in these things, no offense), but I want to make it easy on all involved and get this extra money back into my household as i still have kids here to support. I appreciate your advice. Thank you.