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    Default Lease Agreement Was Not Signed-Landord Stating That I Broke Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Maryland

    I will try to make this short and to the point!

    I lived in a apartment community for almost 2 years. Initially signing my 1st year lease agreement April 2008-2009. I loved where i lived so i agreed to sign a 2nd year for April 2009-2010. Going on the 3rd year (april 2010-2011) Around February i was sent a reminder of either renewing my lease which went up a few dollars or to go month to month. In my busy schedule i didn't remember going into the rental office to sign it, but started to pay my new rate for the new year agreement. I let 3months past, because i really needed to know if i signed it. Once July hit, I went to the rental office to ask if I could get a copy because if I signed it, im pretty sure i would have had my copy in my files. The rental office could not produce it. They said they couldn't find it and asked if I could resign another. At that time, I was having family issues and was considering moving out, so I insisted on not resigning, and that I would give them a week to contact me if they found it. August rolled around and they didn't contact me. So September 1st I gave a 30 day notice to move out, being that I wasn't signed/locked in to a year agreement. The rental office accepted my 30 day notice and gave me information and signature with move out instructions (returning keys, cleaning, etc.) September 30, I was moved out and keys were turned in. It was a perfect/decent transition. Two weeks after moving I was mailed a letter stating the specifics and was hit with a $5,000 and such balance for breaking my lease term. Basically having 7 more months to pay- I was under the impression that either I didn't sign/renew my lease for that year, or the rental office lost it and wanted me to resign, because they couldn't and never provided me my copy. This is when i felt it was safe to give my notice and that i wasn't locked into any agreement.. I need advice. Thanx

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    Default Re: Lease Agreement Was Not Signed-Landord Stating That I Broke Lease

    tell them to provide the lease they are claiming you owe rent for. Sounds pretty simple to me.

    and even if you do owe the money, keep track of the unit. They cannot collect rent from you once the unit is rented to others. No double dipping allowed.

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