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    Default Can a person age 17 leave home in Arkansas.

    Can a 17 year old leave home in arkansas? Will they be made to go back home if they refuse to because of abuse and they want to stay in a safe loving home with people that babysat them all their life? The family they want to stay with is willing to provide all their needs and help them in any way. Any info is appreciated.Need to know for sure if they will be forced back home or not.Maybe you can tell me how and where to check to make sure of this.Also do they have to let parents know where they are going or just run away?They will automaticaly know where to look.Should they tell the police where they are too or what?Thanks

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    Default Re: Can a person age 17 leave home in Arkansas.

    You can legally leave home if you are emancipated by a court, or once you reach the legal age of majority. If you wish to chance leaving home before you are 18, there is a possibility that the police will try to make you return home or treat you as a runaway.

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