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    Default Restraining Order Out of State

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: California

    A relative of mine is being harassed online by her father, who served time for molestation about 15 years ago. She doesn't want anything to do with him, but is tired of hiding and not being free to live her life normally. He lives in a different state.

    Can we file a restraining order in CA and have it served in another state?
    His probationary period is apparently over, but does this amount to any violation of any typical conditions of release? He has had to register with the sex offender database, can we use that as ammunition?


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    Default Re: Restraining Order Out of State

    You're going to have jurisdictional issues trying to restrain somebody who lives in another state. If you want a restraining order, you're much better off seeking one through the courts of the state where the target of the restraining order is domiciled.

    If his probation is over, the contact wouldn't be a probation violation. It's unlikely that he's under any restraint beyond his probation, but we have no way to investigate that for you.

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