I bought a new home in a subdivision of Texas back in 2001. Among other things I specifically asked the salesman if the house would be water softener ready to which he replied "yes". After installing a softener a few years ago I've now come to find out that the lines leading to it only soften water for the water heater and one outside faucet. Effectively 90% of the house is not running through the softener and I continue to get calcium build up. I rented a mini excavator and dug up the main line leading into the home and found that it ran directly to the right side of the house and then loops back to the garage on the left side (were the water softener loop is). Its plumbed in a manner were the softener "loop" is literally the last pipe on the run. Talking to a few neighbors that have softeners Iíve discovered that the even numbered houses are plumbed correctly and all odd numbered houses are not with respect to whole house water softening. The reason why is that odd numbered homes in this division have the service from the street coming from the right side of the house and the plumber, Iím assuming, wanted to save on piping and ran the lines to the closest faucet first.

Iím interested in legal advice on:
1. Is this legal in terms of building codes for Texas?
2. Will this hold up in court as de-frauding myself and the others in my neighborhood? Especially since this was a question that I specifically asked about during the sales process and would have had serious reservations about the home if the answer was no?