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    Default Moving Due to Roof Leaking with 60 Day Notice Requirement

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Georgia

    I live in a loft apartment which has 1 other tenant above me. My roof has leaked since about 2 weeks into moving here and it only happens when it rains really hard. The apartment complex has no rain gutters. There is just a lot of water coming in when it rains. Enough where I have called and spoken with the office several times.

    The first attempted repair was in July when someone came to the apartment and put some "water proof glob" of stuff in the ceiling. Where the hole is you can see that the material is worn away and has water stains around it. Needless to say that did not work and it leaked again.

    All of their attempts at fixing this issue has been to bother my neighbors upstairs because the maintenance guy is blaming their leaking window. I have explained that the amount of water would have to be flooding their apartment to then drip down whatever minuscule hole he made up. No one is trying to open the hole and find the leak and meanwhile it just gets worse and there is clearly water trapped up there and along the shelf (20 foot ceilings)

    The office has not fixed this issue and sends people to my apartment to merely look up and refer to the issue as "the leaky window".
    I have put in my 60 day notice and have a penalty of 1 months rent to move out. I cannot take this anymore. I have an appointment with the building inspector too. I've paid my rent on time and expect to pay my last month's rent as well. I'm just wondering are they entitled to this penalty fee when I have to incur the cost of moving due to this problem?

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    Default Re: Moving Due to Roof Leaking with 60 Day Notice Requirement

    I can't see the problem from here but, at least from what you've told us so far, it doesn't appear to either make your apartment uninhabitable or to materially interfere with your use of your unit. Are there more facts that may help us better understand the situation?

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