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    Question Attorney (Former Employer) Slandering Reputation

    My question involves defamation in the state of: California

    I worked for a local Attorney and ended up taking the Attorney to the Labor Board for failure to pay several thousand dollars in wages. The Labor board issued a Judgment against the Attorney. The Attorney is very angry and acts like the victim in all of this. We live in a small town. I attempted to volunteer for an organization helping children who are going through the court system. This Attorney went to the Judge who oversees the program and told the Judge that the Attorney has "Confidentiality issues with me stemming from my employment". There are only 3 Attorneys who work with this program. One Attorney is a friend of the Attorney I worked for and while I know the Attorney I have never worked with or for her. This Attorney sided with her friend. The third Attorney does not know me and I have never worked with her. She said if the other two felt the way they did then she would side with them as well. I have since been told that I may not volunteer for this program.

    My question is do I have any legal recourse against the Attorney for saying the things the Attorney is saying? While in the Attorney's employ I did nothing to breach any sort of confidentiality. In fact I kept my mouth shut about a self admitted "inappropriate relationship" the Attorney had with a member of County Counsel while they were on opposing sides of Dependency Court cases among other things.

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    Default Re: Attorney (Former Employer) Slandering Reputation

    Apparently you have not suffered any economic harm, and it's not clear how well you could build a case around a nebulous allegation of "confidentiality issues". That could mean that you put a letter into the trash when it should have been placed in the shredder. I would also expect that, given that you have no economic damages, even if you prove defamation it will cost more to litigate the case than you could expect to win. But that's just my opinion; I suggest running your situation past a lawyer in your community who handles defamation actions.

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