My question involves police conduct in the State of: MD

So previously I was issued a citation for serving alcohol to a minor and attended my preliminary hearing as instructed. Outside of court I was able to convince the DA to give me Community Service. I completed my 40 hours of Community Service but did not pay the $175 fee as I could not afford it at the time it was due.

Apparently I had a court date scheduled recently and missed it. I never received any notification that I was scheduled to appear in court. The other night I stopped at a fast food restaurant and ate my food in the parking lot and proceeded to take a nap as I had pulled an all-nighter for my midterms the night before. Apparently an officer had seen me sleeping which caused him to run the plates of the car which was registered to my mom and seeing that I wasn't female must've called in back-up. I was awoken surrounded by several police officers and asked to step out of the car and place my hands on the hood. They ran my information and found the warrant that I did not know about and placed me into handcuffs (so tight that I still do not have full feeling back in my hands) and searched every nook and crany of my belongings. I received a citation for paraphernalia and was hauled off to jail. I was held for over 10 hours without any food, drinking water, toilet paper, or even the ability to make a phone call. I missed my first day of work and likely will not be able to return because I was unable to call and inform them that I would not be showing up before the shift started.

My questions are:
1- Is the state required to inform me of an upcoming court appointment?
A- If this is improper procedure will my arrest for the warrant become unlawful?
B- If the warrant is unlawful then is there any possibility of the paraphernalia citation being dismissed? Maybe through dismissal of evidence from an illegal search?
C- If the warrant is unlawful can i be compensated for losing pay?
2- Why was I held so long without the ability to make a phone call?
3- If a suspect is injured from the direct actions of an officer is the state liable? (aka if my hands don't regain full feeling can I sue for medical/compensation?)