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    Default Business Partner Suing the Other

    A join B to form business as a Developer called ABC. A owns 60% whilst B owns 40%. ABC appoints XYZ Construction which is owned by A to construct houses. Along the way, XYZ Construction got problem with the quality of the houses. B was dissastify and without prior discussion with A, appoint lawyers and Engineers to take legal action on A and ask for compensation, and also instruct XYZ Construction to stop operating the project.
    B also using ABC's letter head to write to A for failing to disclos ABC's income tax to the Inland Revenue Department and seek compensation.

    What is A's standing and can A take any legal action in return and on what ground ?

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    Default Re: Business Partner Suing the Other

    A. Laws vary by state.

    B. "Inland Revenue" is not what we Yanks call the IRS.

    C. We don't do homework questions.

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