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    Default General Manager Likes to Scold and Shout

    I am working with the Branch Office. Occasionally my General Manager likes to call over to our hand phone at odd hours especially after working hours to give work pressure. Very often he got mad when we couldn't give him 'his' satisfactory answer and start shouting at us. His only way to win a conversation from us is through his shouting and screaming at us as if we are his slave, when in actual fact he is also one of the employee. I feel as if he is treating us like a slave and no respect towards a working colleague. I also feel that he is humiliating and harassing us by phoning us too regularly during and after office hours, thus causing us demoralize on our work. Someone once asked why he shouted at him when things can be solve by proper conversation, but things got worse. He shouted and bang table.
    My question is that is there anyway or ways for us to take legal action on this humiliating General Manager ?

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    Default Re: Gm Who Likes to Scold and Shout

    Unless this treatment is based on a protected characteristic, such as your gender, religion, race, etc., or is of a sexual nature, it's not illegal harrassment. However, just because it may not be illegal, does not make it appropriate. Have you spoken, as a group, or with one employee as a representative of the group, to the District Manager or Corporate?

    Wondering why you posted this in the Sexual Harrassment forum?

    Slaves could not quit. You can.

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    Default Re: Gm Who Likes to Scold and Shout

    1. O, yes I posted wrongly in the Sexual Harrassment forum. This is my first time here and I was a bit confusing using the forum.
    2. Slaves could not quit. You can. You are right but I do not want to resign and do not want to be treated as slave either. I worked for 18 years and my retirement is just a few more years. I just want him to know that we are protected by law too.

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    Quote Quoting Benjamin Tok
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    I just want him to know that we are protected by law too.
    Well, unless the situations I already mentioned apply, you AREN'T protected by any law. It is not illegal for your manager to be an equal opportunity jerk.

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    Default Re: Gm Who Likes to Scold and Shout

    I'm sorry, but I take offense at the idea that yelling at you is "treating you like a slave".
    Is it appropriate? No. Is it professional? No.
    But is it anything even remotely close to what slaves endured? Also no.

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    Default Re: Gm Who Likes to Scold and Shout

    Where are you, Benjamin?

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