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    Default Wrongfully Accused of Larceny

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: North Carolina...
    I worked in North Carolina for a small painting company and my old boss wrote a check for $3000 in my name to cash it so I could pay some of his workers in cash. I went to the bank cashed the check and sadly I got robbed by two guys. I was so scared that I didn't go back to my boss. then I got about 50 voicemails from the workers asking for their money. I just left and moved back to California. they filed a police report and in the North Carolina warrant inquiry shows that I have a Warrant for FELONY LARCENY - MORE THAN $1,000.... now here is the situation, wasn't this wrongfully filed? the check was written in my name and the one that got robbed was me. I want to fix this but I don't live in North Carolina and I just want to pay it back to my old boss but before that I want him to dropp the charges. can this be done? or if I go to court, and I say that Im not guilty and I explain and I also tell them that im paying the money back to my old boss will everything be dropped. the thing is that Im wanting to enroll in the army and I can't have anything showing at all in my records. I never had problems with the law and never being arrested or had criminal records before.

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    You were handed a check for $3,000 and, by all appearances, pocketed the cash and left the state. You now claim to have been robbed but, inexplicably, did not tell anybody you were robbed before you found yourself accused of stealing the money. You were "scared" about something but haven't attempted to explain to us what would be scary about reporting a robbery to the police or explaining what happened to your boss. You knew at all times that the money wasn't yours, even if the check was made out to you so that you could cash it. So no, there's nothing "wrongful" about your being charged with stealing the money.

    Nobody can promise you that the charges will be dropped if you make restitution. That's up to the prosecutor.

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