My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: NY

Recently, my parents have been contacted by a credit agency in Cali known as LV Financial Services. The individual told both of my parents (in NY) the amount of debt owed and to whom (which I've been told is illegal), along with the dates (I am over 18). I immediately faxed them a request for validation of debt (a microsoft office template which cited relevant law articles Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b)) and a request to cease communication except by mail. I then called to verify they received the fax to which they said yes.

When they continued to call my parents, I called the manager, gave them my phone number and address (Which is in Poland, I am an ESL teacher), and threatened to sue should they not cease and acknowledge my request for verification of debt. They STILL call and harass my father. I think it is time to sue them. Do I need a lawyer from NY? From Cali? I am in Poland and cannot appear.. troublesome?

I REALLY want to hit them for pulling this.

Does anyone know of a lawyer who will take the case perdiem, if possible? If not, I think it is worth it to dump some money in to.