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    Default Am I Legally Allowed to Carry a Handgun

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Wyoming

    I was reading through the Wyoming State statutes, and i noticed that there were laws prohibiting the sale of a handgun to anybody under 21, but not the possession.

    I was also reading the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide, posted on the ATF website, and found that it only prohibits the transfer of a handgun to a juvenile, which has been defined as a person under the age of 18.

    Wyoming also has no laws prohibiting the open carrying of handguns. They do however, prohibit concealed carry unless you have a permit.

    I am only 18, and my friend, who is 22, has expressed a desire to purchase me a handgun as a Christmas gift.

    So i have 2 questions:
    1) If my friend purchases the handgun, then gifts it to me, is it legal for me to own the handgun, provided that no money has been exchanged between myself and him?

    2) Can I carry said handgun in public places, excluding state and federal buildings, as long as it is not concealed in any fashion?

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    Default Re: Am I Legally Allowed to Carry a Handgun

    2. You had best check with your local law enforcement. There are a gaggle of restrictions on CC that may also apply to open carry. For instance, with a CCW you cannot carry your weapon on any school property, bars, places of worship, where otherwise prohibited by state/federal law, or private property if so told/notified by signage. These restrictions are, in some states, interpreted as applying to open carry as well. That's why it's best to talk to your local PD before you strap it on and wander around with it.

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    Default Re: Am I Legally Allowed to Carry a Handgun

    I believe while you can not buy a handgun (you can by long guns) there is no prohibition on 18 year olds receiving or possessing such guns. You can apply for a concealed carry permit, there is a discretionary issuance to those between 18 and 21 (meaning they don't HAVE to give you one but they may).

    Open carry laws apply to you just like everyone else. A good place to find your state laws is at the NRA site or perhaps on some local gun ownership group.

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    Default Re: Am I Legally Allowed to Carry a Handgun

    Someone buying a gun with the intention of giving it to someone else is considered a straw buyer and it is a violation of federal law. Buying a gun is not like buying some other piece of merchandise to give as a gift. Also the gun would not be registered to you.

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