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    Question Pedestrian Hit by Car Turning Right

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Pennsylvania

    Hi. 2 months ago, my wife was hit by a car that was moving at a speed of 5 miles/hr turning to right from the intersection and he was looking towards the left sided traffic. It was sure that he was at fault at the time of accident, in police report and his car insurance company admitted to me. She fell on ground, was hit on left knee, diagnosed with contusion and did not had fracture or major injuries. She walked with crutches for 15 days, was in continuous pain, could not attend family marriage, or take care of me. Her medical bills were 3000 dollars which i mailed directly to car insurance company and they paid for it. They called me up for reimbursement of pain and suffering and started with 1500 dollars and ended up to 5000 dollars, still negotiating. I dont know what is the right price for this injury, pain and suffering. Another thing to note is she does not work, but preparing for her exams and she delayed in giving her exams due to this. Could have to wait a year before she can enter school since she missed the deadlines of her exams. I havent talked to any attorney yet.

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    Default Re: Pedestrian Hit by Car Turning Right

    There's no reason not to consult a lawyer; a local lawyer will be able to give you a sense as to whether you should take the offer, or if you're likely to be able to recover significantly more if represented.

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    Default Re: Pedestrian Hit by Car Turning Right

    Any update on this ? Women usually can bear much more pain than men. They need that because it is SUPPER painful when giving birth. Muscle pain on a knee should not be that painful. I hope she pass the exams.

    Based on my experience (I think many people have that experience), many pedestrian just don't look at the road while crossing (sorry, I don't mean your wife). However, it is always the drive's fault to hit them.... In busy city like New York, Bangkok and Hong Kong, everyone watch the road (few times) while crossing or they will be killed many times per day. Those drivers drive 10mile/hour while making turn....

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