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    Lightbulb Is a K-1 or K-3 the Best Route

    Hello, I am an American who met my fiance online who is from Ukraine. I am now here, in Odessa, Ukraine, for 3 months (the maximum stay of my passport without a visa). It seems for us to get married here the paperwork is a little more complicated for getting married legally. I am not sure if we should get married here or in America. It seems very simple to get married in the States as long as I can get her over there.

    We plan on being married and then I would like to take her to America to show her some places and introduce her to some friends and family. Then, after a 2-4 week vacation in the states returning to Ukraine to live.

    I know if I am married to her I and I live here for 3 years, as long as my visa aps are approved, I can apply for a permanent residence. I should be able to work in America seasonally and return here to be with my wife for the rest of the year.

    My questions are:

    1) Would it be better to marry in Ukraine or in the states? I know k-1 visas are usually accepted.

    2) If we marry in America on a K-1 visa and then return to Ukraine can we marry legally in both countries? and can she ever return to America if we choose to do so?

    3) If we are married in Ukraine is it necessary to get a K-3 visa just for a visit to the states? Chances are it seems greater that a tourist visa would be denied especially since she doesn't have a lot of property or money at home.

    Thank you for your help!!

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    Default Re: Is a K-1 or K-3 the Best Route

    Do you plan to be residents of the Ukraine after you marry, or of the U.S.? There's not much point in getting a fiancée visa and petitioning to adjust her status if you're not in fact going to be residents of the U.S.

    You can marry in as many nations as you wish, consistent with the laws of those nations. Many people have a single legal marriage ceremony followed by a symbolic ceremony, even if presided over by a minister of their church, at another location.

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    Default Re: Is a K-1 or K-3 the Best Route

    Thank you.

    I plan on living in the Ukraine, but wanted to get a visa for her to at least visit America. I'm not so sure that it will help her if I invite her on a visa because they may just think she's going to stay there. If I get a fiance visa then I have a greater chance of her getting a visa. All we really want to do is visit America but I don't want to chance the visa being denied.

    Will it increase her chances of a guest visa being approved if she is married to me?

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