State: NY

I am honestly stuck and would feel better at least hearing from someone, since I am not sure when I will hear from my lawyer. I need something to sort this out:

My child's father has a day visitation this week and supposed to have an overnight next week on the same day of the week.

He did not pick the child up, today, and this is what I got from the person who does the exchanges of the child:

"He stopped in at his arrival time for the Exchange and said he was too upset to take her because he was threatened over the weekend and need to go to the police station"

I stated in court, many times, that I was concerned with her staying over night and travelling with him to pick up his other child, due to some things he was involved in and him saying people were after him, but it was dismissed. Now we have this and I have to let the child go on an overnight next week and travel 3 hours with him out of county.

I was going to call and see if everything was okay, but I'm not sure that is in MY best interests, not knowing what is going on.

Any ideas?