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    Default International Adoption:proof of Citizenship

    My question involves adoption law for the State of:Tennessee
    We have a young lady who was an international adoption. In order for her to get a Learner's permit, she has to have copies of her citizenship papers which will cost $380.

    We have verified that she is a U.S. citizen but we cannot locate the citizenship paperwork.

    Can any think of a resource that deals with this type of issue or an agency that could help me try to get her paperwork through this complicated process?

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    Default Re: International Adoption:proof of Citizenship

    What complicated process? The process of getting the documents she lost without paying for replacements? If that's your goal, I'm not optimistic.

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    Default Re: International Adoption:proof of Citizenship

    If you have never yet applied to get the Certificate of citizenship, you make application with the appropriate supporting documents to the USCIS.

    Info here:

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