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    Default Starting a Junior Private Mining Company While Being Employed at Another Company

    I am a full-time employee of a major mining as a geologist.

    1. How does my employment affect my involvement in other small-time (junior) projects? I can not be an employee, but how much of a stake holder can I be? Can I be an executive without any legal ramifications?
    Can I own an interest in another property that has the same interest as the company I work for?
    This would be referring to a private company as of right now, but also I would like to know where my position is if the company went public.

    2. As I already work for a public company, and have access to their databases, where do I stand with that data?

    Can I legally use that data for private interests?

    At any point in my employment with this company, can I use this public data for another business venture?

    Most of the data I'm referring to is public, but the company I work for organizes it in a way that it is more accessible to employees. If this is used for another public venture, totally unassociated with the public company which I am employed with, is this a conflict of interest?

    3. Assuming I did start a junior exploration company with some other people, could I hire my own incorporated consulting firm to do work?

    This junior would be based out of Vancouver, Canada.

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    Default Re: Starting a Junior Private Mining Company While Being Employed at Another Company

    As you were told when you posted, this is a U.S. law forum.

    The consequences of your taking work on the side or starting your own business will depend upon the policies of your employer. As for any additional legal issues, I suggest looking for a Canadian legal board or asking a Canadian lawyer.

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