My question involves criminal law for the state of: california
My situation is this: back in 1990 i was charged with lewd acts with a minor, i have done my time and have not had so much as a traffic ticket since discharging parole. Now in april of this year my then wife filed a false restraing order which forced me to have to leave my home of 5+years which i proved all false and the order was thrown out). Now i had a week prior been attacked with a meat cleaver by her 18yr old daughter. She called police and told them what her daughter had done and the daughter went on the run. during the time i was out of the house i had to go file a protective order of my own because her son and daughter were following me and threating my life. in doing so i missed my registration date by one day (though i was never listed out of complience) the detective in charge of the assault case against her daughter and whom i called everyday for 4 days and finally went to see in person came and aressted me saying "i don't care about you registration you lied to me" because they claimed the son was at work on the day the threats on my life were made, though no one required him to produce any timesheets for that time frame. consequintly i had to borrow funds to bail out and after finally being able to return to my home my then wife called the police saying i was causing a domestic disturbance (which i was not), and when the officers arrived they found that not to be the case. and so she said "well then there is weed over there"( take into account i am a medical marijuna patient). The officers search the area she indicatted but found nothing. they told her they couldn't find anything then she walk over and took out something and handed it to them and when the officers opened the box there was a pound of marijuna in it. which i then asked "where did that come from?" the officers asked me if it were mine and i told them "i am a cannibus patient but that is not mine but since i am the only one with a leagal right to posses it you are going to say that it's mine no matter what i say" now i sit accussed of possession of something i neither had knowledge of nor ever touched. no one will fingerprint the box or it's contents(a vaccum sealed clear bag) but my pubd at my last court date told me i had better take the 4yr deal they are offering me because i will get life if i don't. and the truth doesn't matter because of a conviction 20yrs old (that i never was given a single strike on) i have 2 strike priors and the will give me life. when i told him its not fair that i'm supposed to lie and say i did something i didn't do he became more addimate that i take the deal or else, badgering me and telling my now fiancee it is in my best intrest not to go to trial; that she was so afraid for me that we'd never see each other again that she gave in and told me 4 years apart though too long is better than never. i'm due back in court in November for sentencing but my conceince is troubled because i know i did nothing wrong and my pubd is basically telling me that if i go to trial he will dump me and make sure i get the 25 to life rather than fight for the truth. What can i do? i can't afford a lawyer of my own unless i can find one that will take payments. is it too late now that i've been pressured into signing the plea bargain? if by some grace of God i do find a lawyer before the sentencing date can i take back my plea and fight for the truth that i believe with all my heart our justice system is supposed to be founded on? this lie they are asking of me is killing me slowly, i've been having seizures which i have never had before in my intire life. I need help desperatly. can anyone help. i vowed long ago never to open my mouth to lie and that is what my pubd wants me to do. its too hard a pill to swallow.