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    Default Caught Shoplifting at Walmart, First Offense

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: NC

    A couple of friends and I were stopped by the doors of WalMart. I was the only one who had taken anything, and it totaled up to $46.

    Since I have no state ID, the cops were called to verify all of my information. I received a citation, and a court date. I have read on many threads here of people receiving letters or the Loss Prevention telling them that they will receive a Civil Demand charge.

    The LP who stopped me mentioned no such thing, he merely told me that I was sited with a misdemeanor larceny, to appear in court, and to expect a charge around $250. Is the 250 charge the Civil Demand?

    What sort of plea should I put in on my court date? My family had mentioned the prayer for judgment, and I'm not sure if I fully understand it all. but I was also told that I could be charged a fine and community service.

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Walmart, First Offense

    You can expect a Civil Demand Letter in the mail. This is separate from the Criminal charge. Expect the $250 to be that.

    In court, plead not guilty, ask for a public defender, unless you have the finances to afford a lawyer. Oh yes, the PD will cost you money, also.

    Expect court costs and fines; possible Community Service/Probation/Anti-Shoplifting Class (not get to pay for this too).

    "Prayer for Judgment"....sorry, you are not praying this situation away....

    Oh...and stay out of all WalMarts/Sam's Clubs. Or you can be arrested for Criminal Trespass....

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Walmart, First Offense

    The LP told me I was allowed into Walmart, as long as I was not caught stealing again. After that, he said it would be criminal trespassing.

    Also, from what I could find on the internet, the prayer of judgment is some kind of practice unique to North Carolina. It suspends some misdemeanors and traffic violations. I just wasn't sure if it would cover what I had done.

    I'm planning on seeing about the lawyer when I get home from school this weekend, so I'll see what happens from there.

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