I have a question in regards to New York State laws. My girlfriend is 16 and I am 17. She came to visit me in college because her mom said she could but her father was highly against it. Now currently her father wants her home or else he will call the cops on me and have me arrested for kidnapping even though her mom let my girlfriend come see me and my girlfriend herself wanted to come. However I believe he cannot do that as he is not his legal parent. What I mean in this is that on my girlfriends birth certificate it only has her mother's signature as her father didn't even sign her birth certificate. Therefore I'm assuming her father has no legal rights on her as he doesn't have proof that she is her daughter. So my question is can I get arrested and charged for kidnapping if her father called the cops on me? and in the state of New York how old can you become a legal adult where the parents doesn't have control over their daughter is it 17 or 18?

I forgot to add she is only visiting me for 4 days and will be sent back home after 4 days. What can legally happen to me?