My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

Greeting, I planned to purchase $4500 worth of bamboo for my home in Dallas TX from a vendor in Austin TX. After having left a $1,000 deposit on my CC, I changed my mind and now the vendor says he wants to keep my $1,000. I offered him $250 in good faith just in case his guys did actually do any work (which I can't verify) and he refused. CC company said if the guy simply "says" he has a no cancellation policy, he will win a charge back. His invoice makes no mention of cancellations or deposits, nor does his web site so essentially he has no policy. My assumption was that since I never signed anything agreeing to a non refundable deposit or that the order could not be canceled, I would be OK? My question is can he legally keep my $1,000 even though I formally canceled the order, requested a refund (even partial) and he has no stated policies about cancellations or refunds being non refundable? Would I have any chances suing him in small claims if he wins the dispute and can I sue him in Dallas small claims or do I have to go in Austin?

Thanks in advance.