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    Default Vacation Home Rental - Claim that Additional Money is Due

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida

    Hi I am from the UK and I am hoping that someone on here can help with an issue that is concerning me.
    Earlier this year my family booked a vaction home in Orlando, Florida for a number of weeks for around $3000-00. The money was paid via credit to the management company on behalf of the owner. Everything on vacation was fine however upon return the owner has claimed that the money owed for the villa is $500 short and that the management company made a mistake. This I dispute as I have emails to prove the agreed price. However the owner is now telling me that he will be seeking payment of the $500. Obviously I won't be paying however my concern is that I will be travelling back to Orlando next year and I dont want to find myself being served papers or even arrested for a civil debt that I dispute.
    Under Florida law is this something I should be worried about?

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    Default Re: Vacation Home Issue

    bump bump bump

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    Default Re: Vacation Home Issue

    Don't bump threads. This isn't a chat room. The other forum members are here voluntarily and are not sitting around standing by for your post (and most of us have jobs).

    Unless he is trying to take this out of a security deposit or other money due back to you, after you state your case once (I'd make it in writing) that you don't owe it, ignore him. If he tries to recover by filing a court case then you bring in all your documentation and show him wrong.

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    Default Re: Vacation Home Issue

    Also, plain as day after you start a thread is an instruction not to reply to your own thread. The forum rules are for everybody, not just "other people".

    I very much doubt that the landlord would have any way to know of your travel plans, and thus to arrange for service of a summons and complaint on you during a visit. There would be no basis for arrest over a civil matter of this type. Further, if you have a clear understanding as to price with the management company, the owner's gripe would be properly directed at them and not at you. They're his agents. if they contracted with you to provide the premises at a specific price, it would be a very unusual case in which you didn't have the right to rely upon and enforce that agreed price.

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