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    Default Coerced to Resign by Threat of Termination

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Colorado

    I recently resigned from a position with the threat of termination because a nother employee told the boss she overheard a conversation i was having with another employee in which i supposedly called the boss a vulgar name...FYI ...i did not say anything of the sort...i was called in told that if i resigned instead of being terminated that they would give me my accrued PTO time but not if i chose to be terminated and that she would give me good reference. I did argue that i had not said reported statement and they said they had several written statements from others, but would not show them to me when asked. which i do not believe they did ...because i did not say it. i didn't need to see the signatures. Furthermore, I had no disciplinary notices on my file . Can i apply for unemployment in this case ...i just feel like i was coerced into this and didn't want a termination on my record.

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    Default Re: Coerced to Resign by Threat of Termination

    You can apply. The state will decide if you are eligible.

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