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    Question Copyright of Artistic Designs

    I have a piece of graphic art I created. The intension or desire if it's popular, is to market it someday on a flag or tee-shirt to make some money off the design. As I understand thus far, a copyright is what I would pursue to protect the work.

    If I created more designs for the similar purposes, do I need to get a copyright for each individual piece of work? I've read about a group copyright. But at the present time I don't have a collection of work.

    Could I get a group copyright and add work as time goes on? Or does the work have to be already created and exist before including the work in the group.

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    Default Re: Copyright of Artistic Designs

    Copyright laws can be tricky but this is how I understnad them work.

    You need to copyright your original design. Any designs that are adaptations of the original are protected under the orginial copyright. If you created a wholly new design it needs to be copyrighted.

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    Default Re: Copyright of Artistic Designs

    Your original work automatically becomes copyrighted when it is fixed in a tangible medium of expression. The benefits of registering a copyright are primarily twofold: You can prove that, as of a particular date, you were claiming copyright to a specific piece of graphic art; and you can get statutory damages in addition to actual damages if somebody violates your copyright.

    It is possible to register a copyright for a collection of art or other original works (e.g., a book) as opposed to registering a copyright for each individual piece.

    If you have a particular piece that you believe is valuable and marketable right now, you might prefer to register a copyright now; if you plan to develop a catalog of pieces before you try to market or publicize the work, you may prefer to save the filing fee until you have a number of works to submit. Please keep in mind the difference between copyright and trademark - you can't copyright an idea, so it will be possible for somebody to independently create a work that is inspired by and evocative of your work without necessarily infringing on your copyright.

    You'll find a lot of information on copyright at

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