My question involves towing laws for the State of: California

I parked in another duplexes' private space on 2009-12-7 and I got towed. I am pretty sure the owner was out of town, and the tow was called in by a nosy neighbor. In addition the "tow away" sign is also mounted too low, is too small, and is missing required content. In other words, the whole tow fails to meet the conditions of CVC 22658.

How do I sue in CA Small Claims Court?

1. What is my statute of limitations?
2. Who do I sue, the duplex owner or the tow company?
3. The tow company receipt just says "Owner". How can I get them to identify who called the tow in?
4. How do I establish that the "tow away" sign is no good in court. Do I need to bring a witness?
5. I believe I am entitled to quadruple damages. Is this true?
6. In general, will the tow company settle without being sued.
7. In particular, I have previously warned this particular tow company about this particular nosy neighbor going around putting up his own "tow away" signs around our neighborhood. I am sure that the tow industry has it's "do not serve" list. Anyone have a guess if the tow company work with me and put this nosy neighbor on that list?