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    Default "Ashlyns Law" - Working to Increase Penalties for Drunk Driving

    As Ashlyns mother, I have made it my goal to send this petition to every email
    address that I can find. Along with every signature, we need an extra prayer to go along with this. Through this, I've learned there's absolutely NOTHING a
    parent wouldn't do for their child(ren)!

    Please help...

    Attached please find a link to the petition for "Ashlyns Law".
    I don't know if you've this, but I've recently submitted it on line, so it may
    circulate better. If you haven't signed it, please review & seriously consider
    doing so. It takes only about 2 seconds. We have less than 2 months to get this completed, so please forward this on to all the people you care about and love. Or to EVERYONE you know.

    Ashlyn, Jake and I thank you in advance for your help and support with this!

    5/8/06 UPDATE: Joni wrote up this petition in Nov 2005. FYI - Mr. Chambers got his SC Drivers License back Jan 13, 2006 by paying less than $700.00 in fines.
    Ashlyn, on the other hand, and as ugly as it sounds, will most likely be a
    quadriplegic for the rest of her life, including never holding Jake in her arms
    without the help and support of others. She was in the Trauma ICU / Neurological Surgical Floor at CMC from 10/13/05 - 1/31/06. Then Atlanta for Rehab from 1/31/06-4/06/06. Please email if you'd like further info regarding this (

    Here's the site address:

    Ashlyns story in The Herald - 5/19/06
    http://www.heraldonline. com/109/story/2650.html

    You're also invited to visit Ashlyns online CarePage. A personalized Web page
    has been created for Ashlyn while she was in Atlanta, so you can easily receive the latest news, view photos & share messages of support. To visit the CarePage, please visit the link below: /ServeCarePage?cpn=AGDarlings
    (If you cannot click through this link, please copy and paste the entire URL
    into your browser's address window.)

    Or you can use these manual instructions:

    1. Go to
    2. Click "Visit a CarePage"
    3. Register (first-time users only)
    4. After you've registered, enter the exact CarePage Name: AGDarlings

    Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who would be a meaningful part of Ashlyn's support group.

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    Default Re: "Ashlyns Law" - Working to Increase Penalties for Drunk Driving

    Are you trying to get tougher drunk driving laws for all cases, or for cases involving serious injury?

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    Default Re: "Ashlyns Law" - Working to Increase Penalties for Drunk Driving

    I'm hoping for both.

    I realize this petition is somewhat vague. I apologize for that. Personally, I would like a much more severe punishment for any type of recklessness or carelessness incident that results in severe bodily injury.
    This kid is taking the classes required to get his license back. After these particular classes are completed, it will allow the driving record to be cleared from any charges. So, if he has any wrecks or 'accidents' in the future, it will appear as a first offense, (I don't agree with that, but thats another forum), and any charges then will be light and minimal. That accident could result in another severe injury or even a fatality. If he were penalized more severly now, the risk for that person(s) life not being in harms way is less.

    In November 2005, Ashlyns friend Joni wrote this and asked my permission to pursue it. It seemed to make sense at the time, however, my mind was on Ashlyn in ICU then. It was until recently that I noticed that I, personally, would've made some changes to it. By that time, it had been reviewed by the Solicitor here, and SC Rep Wes Hayes, as well as some other organizations Joni had presented it to, and of course I didn't want to make any changes after they all had copies of it.

    I'm also looking for direction here as well here. I really don't mean to ramble on so....

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