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    Default Niece in Florida state custody

    Hi all,
    Can a person file a petition in one state---for child custody(niece is in State custody) while her (mine) residence is another?
    Please don't tell me "it's up to the Judge what happens" I know that. I am merely asking--do I have the right to just fly down & file this petition?
    Thank you, please,please answer this one question. This is a very lengthy, complicated issue--involving my poor niece and FLA DCF.
    (my brother passed away-his wife is severe meth addict,unstable, sad case--I live in TN--didn't know any of this)
    please, no-one tell me to "get with DCF"--it has been 5 mo; they won't talk to me--NOTHING.
    thank you,

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    Default Niece in State Custody

    If your niece is in state custody - a ward of the state - you can't file a "custody suit" as such against the state. You may be able to petition to have your niece placed with you, although you would likely have to pass a home study. You should start by trying to track down and speak with the child's case worker in Florida. If they really won't talk to you, you need to hire a lawyer in Florida to try to make contact, or to initiate a petition on your behalf.

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    Thank you aaron,
    Yea, I wasn't sure if I could file a petition for custody--against the state. My niece was removed Dec.04. I called DCF to tell them I wanted custody-was able,etc--they shut me out--very rudely. Told me to "STOP ASKING QUESTIONS." I only wanted to know what I should do, how to go about helping my niece--and how she was doing. Anyway, I won't bore you with the lies, deceit,etc over the months--except to say that case worker finally told me to "get a lawyer" and gave me the name of "the best".. (dummy me) I hired that person--she took my money-I have not spoken to her since--(yes I made a complaint against her to the Fla bar)--sigh.. I have NO idea if that person really filed my petition on my behalf,etc.
    I have finished TN requirements for Home Study, background checks, 10 weeks of classes for foster parenting--on my own--nothing to do with Fla.
    I have called the secretary (just under Jeb Bush) of DCF Lucy Hadi.. & talked to her secretary & her.. they take the info-find out "updates" for me--and ea. "update" is different through the month's. First "an ICPC was started finally in April." Then "No, no ICPC was ever started." then "the mother signed the child over to the state IF a stranger could adopt her--NOT you(me)". then about 2 weeks ago "the ICPC was sent 3 mo ago, hahahahah, but TN sent it back b/c we didn't put the blue paper in between the files". So, I have NO idea what is going on.
    I am sick of the lies. sick,sick,sick. I have sent many,many,many registered letters to: case worker(s)(my poor niece has had 4), supervisors(ditto), supervisors of the supervisors, guardian ad litems, law clerk, secretary to Judge of case(after much,much squalling & begging info from various secretary's), Juvenile court Judge, Lawyer for DCF/that county foter care, etc,etc,etc. I have been treated as if I were a criminal. It is the strangest thing I have ever imaagined--------and I cry every night with worry about my poor niece-who was with ME following my brother's death--until the drug addict mother fled with her to Fla-and Fla DCF removed her from the STREET.
    Sorry this is so lengthy---------I know I will never see her again-I am working extra to save for another (reputable lawyer)--but a ?kind,lying? secretary told me my niece is "prime" adoptive/coo" for DCF--and "you've done all you can do..jsut forget about it...that she would be adopted out before very long." I am sick about it.
    thank you for your advice,

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