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    Default Slander from Coach to Kid

    My question involves slander from my kid's former coach/manager. My husband and my son was kicked off the team. Whether there was issues between my husband and the other coach, it was between them and didn't have to involve my kid. We are trying to move on and even joined another team. This former coach does not want to stop slandering my husband and my kid. When our neighbors found out, they were all in disagreement that he should've never involved my son. He then started making up lies that my son struck out a lot and cried on the field-which were flat-out lies. My son was the 4th batter!!!! He even told another coach from another town that my son will never play in HIS All-Star team. It's technically not HIS All-Star team but the town's and he would have to get voted in to be the coach for that team. Bottom line is if he's got issues with my husband, it's with my husband and not my son.
    He even had the nerve to post something on an internet forum that was inappropriate. It was started by a post by someone else starting a new team and he replied that he has a kid, good ballplayer, put my son's name in parenthesis and our email address. I was so angered by it, I reported it as an inappropriate post and they deleted it right away. Now, I realize that I should've printed it or something because I inquired about getting a copy of it and the website said they deleted it. I know that it was him because the username is the same as another post that stated what team it was.
    Is there anything we can do to make him stop? Is there enough, legally, for us to do? My husband has been so sick about all of this. He hasn't slept, or eaten right in days. I definitely don't want to have all the negative stuff get to my son====he would be devastated. I just want it to stop...stop dragging my kid into this mess.

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    Default Re: Slander from Coach to Kid

    Is there anything we can do to make him stop?
    Tell him to shut his gob.

    Then have a word with the person in charge of the team - the coach's superior - and ask him to rein this loudmouth in.

    Is there enough, legally, for us to do?
    Do you have three years and $30K lying about to sue because he said your kid struck out? What damages have you suffered, other than hurt feelings?

    No. Suing is inappropriate. The coach is behaving like a pissed-off toddler. Treat him like one - IGNORE HIM.

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    Default Re: Slander from Coach to Kid

    First, for too many reasons to get into here, this is NOT a viable civil case in any sense.

    Your best bet is to have an attorney send this idiot coach a cease and desist letter and chances are it will shut up a moron like this.

    As previously mentioned, does he have a superior? Are there sponsors for the team? Nobody will want to get pulled into this mess and chances are the coach will shut up as soon as he realizes he has something to lose.

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