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    Default Do You Have to Repay a Relocation Fee After Quitting for Ethical or Political Reasons

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of:

    Recently, I moved from California to Washington for a job at a part of a very large employer. They paid for my relocation to Washington, and I agreed to one year of service with relocation expenses to be fully repaid if I did not fulfill 12 months with the company.

    I have now been employed by the company for 5 months, and comments made at that time about the role have proven to be very false.
    1.) I was told that this was a small one project team, but I now find out that they intend to grow it to a very huge team. If this was told to me before I accepted, I would not have taken the job, as I made it explicitly clear in my interview, that I wanted to work on one project at a time.
    2.) I am doing work that is expressly different from what was in my offer letter and the role that I applied for (at least 2 levels above my current pay grade).

    But most importantly:
    3.) I was told that this work would be managing a small team of internal employees. The role, in fact, is managing external overseas vendors, and internal contractors. I vehemently oppose the use of "contractors" if their work is not, in essence, contract based. When you pervert the system to bring them back time and time again, just to avoid giving them full time positions, when they are with you for longer than the duration of a single task or project, it sickens me. In addition, the use of external overseas vendors is something that I politically would have never signed on to do. If this had been made clear to me before I took the job, I would not have accepted the offer.

    Do I have any recourse to quit the job (Or require they move me to another team that does not use overseas vendors, or contractors), without having to pay back my relocation fee?

    If not, what is the recourse for time to pay back a relocation fee. If I am liable for 8k, and I can pay it back over time, that is a possibility?

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    Default Re: Quitting for Ethical/Politcal Reasons

    You can't "require" that they do anything. If they allow you to repay over time, fine. I'm not unsympathetic, but a contract is a contract. What does your boss say about this change in responsibilities? Generally speaking, you do what the employer assigns you to do. You say you're managing ICs whom you think should be employees? If this is not your decision to make, or you do not have any input on the decision, you keep your mouth shut.

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    Default Re: Quitting for Ethical/Politcal Reasons

    you should be able to work out a payment plan for the relocation expenses with the company. You should talk to the company about it; the worse they can do is fire you & then you may be off free and clear. What does the contract say in case of termination by your employer? Then quit doing your job so well & they'll fire you.

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