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    Default University Threatens to Punish Me with No Proof

    I'm not sure which forum would be the most appropriate to post this thread under but I have an issue concerning the Judicial Department at my university. So, I live in an apartment on campus with two other roommates and recently there was an incident that took place in my apartment that none of my roommates were involved in.

    Here's the incident:

    One night about a week ago (it was a big drinking night on campus), my roommates and I were all in our separate rooms and some of our friends were out in the common room having some drinks and playing some music. Then, suddenly the smoke detectors were going off and a cloud of white debris came pouring into my room. Apparently, these two drunken girls broke into the fire extinguisher in the hallway outside the main door to my apartment and came inside with it. The cameras outside the apartment caught the two girls doing this on tape but the fire extinguisher didn't go off until it was inside the apartment. The two girls were called in by the school and received due punishment for stealing the fire extinguisher, but they denied actually setting it off and informed the school that they didn't know who set it off. My roommates and I were all in our rooms and therefore, do not know who set off the fire extinguisher either but the school called us in to discuss it and told us that if nobody comes clean about setting it off, then we would each be fined 500 dollars and be placed on probation for the year. This seems outrageous to me considering none of us had any part in the incident and the other two girls were the most evident suspects and had already been punished. Is there any law or anything that I can do to fight this. It just seems very unfair. Please help!

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    Default Re: University Threatens to Punish Me with No Proof

    You are dealing with the university and their property. They can dictate whatever rules they want concerning those items. If you'll read the housing contract most universities include a clause stating that you are responsible for whatever occurs in your dorm room/apartment while you reside at the residence and are present. You should study up on whatever appeal procedures the university has in place.

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