Apologies if this is the incorrect forum to post this is.

I need help with a little issue that has been going on at our school, as to whether or not it is sexual harassment, and legal to do this (In UK laws).

First of all, this is against female students only. NO male students have been affected by this atall (apart from secondary, where the girls have been complaining all day).

This is based on a Uniform Check, which our school now states as being policy that they are allowed to do 'spot-checks' on uniform. which is fine with the usual correct shoes, no stupidly large ear-rings, shirts tucked in etcetera. However it has now got to the stage where the teachers are grabbing hold of the jumpers of girls, and pulling them above the girls waist to see if the waistband of their skirt is rolled up. Forcing the girls to keep it rolled down, to whatever length it is to be kept at (5CM maximum above knee). This week they imposed a 'bra check' where the teachers are allowed to force removal of jumper, to check if their bra can be seen through their shirt. If it is, they are forced to go home and change the bra (even if they had a jumper on top which was hiding this)

Also, the teachers check if the skirt has a school logo on (boys trousers do not have this, not do they produce the garment), the logo is placed on the left hand side of the waist, so shirt and jumper have to be raised above belly-button for this to be seen anyway, and if you are not wearing a branded skirt, you are forced to go home, and change into a branded one, or to purchase one for the following day (at around 10-15 per skirt, 2-3 may be required for a week), even identical unbranded ones are not allowed to be worn.

If girls at the school wear leggings, thick tights, not black or skin coloured tights (IE. patterned ones) then they are forced to remove the tights, or go home and change them.

Also, if a girl is wearing a 'vest' tshirt, under their shirt (as the shirts are nearly see-through), they are forced to remove that shirt, even if they are wearing a jumper, and to check this, girls are to remove their jumper so that the shirts can be checked.

if any of the above are found to be against school rules (IE. they are wearing a colourful bra, or a under tshirt) the students are given a 30 minute after school detention for each offence.

Now, none of this seems fair, right or legal to me (as most of it requires forced removal of clothing, which would otherwise have not been removed) And i was wondering what your opinions and thoughts into this are.

None of this affects me, as Im male.

Thank you.