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    Default Can Other Issues Between the Parties be Heard at a Restraining Order Hearing

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: CA

    I filed for and received emer retraining order against (distant) and unstable in law for traveling 8 hrs to where I live , with their friend, to stalk my personal residence, follow me in car aggressively, then blocked my vehicle so I could not exit. Then tried to come around passenger side but I narrowly escaped, called 911 and drove to PD. These people remained in town for several days following this and have returned to my residence since then. Police said nothing they can do
    I need restraining order.

    Motivation for this terrorizing me was to steal a dog they believed to be theirs.

    So my question is, can the issue of dog ( property) ownership be made an issue in restraining order hearing coming up or will the court
    refer this to another civil matter and just address me having some protection? One of them have threatened my life.

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    Default Re: Can Other Issues Between the Parties be Heard at a Restraining Order Hearing

    The restraining order hearing is about the restraining order. If you have other property claims unrelated to the restraining order you'll have to file a separate action.

    A personal protection order can extend to your home and property. If they're trying to steal the dog, you could ask the court to specifically include the pet among any property with which they respondents are not to interfere. Also, if they're going to be claiming in court that you stole their dog, it would make sense to bring proof of ownership.

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