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    Default Given Zero Balance Invoice

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Colorado

    About a month ago I took my Jeep in to a local Jeep authorized service center for a regular checkup, lube, oil, filter. When I went to pick up the Jeep they told me to go to the billing desk, when I got there the cashier handed me my keys & receipt which had a zero balance. My Jeep is almost new and so I assumed it was covered under warranty and didn't think anything more of it.
    Today, the dealership's service center called me and said that they were awaiting payment for the services, I told them I had the receipt and sent them a copy.
    They informed me that the receipt I sent them had the wrong VIN # on it and that they had filled out a new invoice with a balance due of >$200.
    I verified that the invoice does have the incorrect VIN #, however it does have my correct name, address, & phone #.

    I am curious as to the legal ramifications of this situation, am I bound to pay the new invoice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Given Zero Balance Invoice

    I am curious as to the legal ramifications of this situation, am I bound to pay the new invoice?
    Of course you are. You had the services done to your car, didn't you? What makes you think that an invoicing mistake on their part entitles you to free services?

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