My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: CA.

I was given a ticket for CVC 22107 after swearing to avoid a car that made a right on red directly in front of me. The officer said he didn't see the other car make a right on red but only saw me swerve around him.

Do I have a case or does avoiding an accident not count as a reason to make a lane change without signaling?

The whole situation goes like this: I was driving along a two lane (each direction) city street at approx the speed limit and I was in the right lane. I started to approach an intersection and noticed many cars waiting at the red light of the cross street. Much to my surprise, just as I entered the intersection, a car made a right turn on red. Not only did the person make a right on red directly in front of me, they also took their sweet time making the turn. I was going ~30mph, I didn't think I had enough room to stop, so I quickly looked to my left and swerved into the left lane. It was a very short block and the next light had turned red so I had to swerve back into my original lane to avoid the stopping cars. I saw the cop pull out from behind a building and thought to myself "good at least the guy's getting a ticket". Much to my surprise, I was the one getting a ticket. I explained to the officer what had happened and he told me that he couldn't see the guy turn from his location. Then gave me a ticket anyways.

Can I fight this? I did "per the law, CVC 22107" make an illegal move because I did not signal and the guy that cut me off had to abruptly brake for me and the light.

Thanks for any insight.