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    Default Summary Expungement Without an Attorney

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Pennsylvania

    Is it a pipe dream that I can receive an expungement for my disorderly conduct (2002) summary offense without using an attorney?

    I obtained all the necessary documents, but looking over the forms I need to fill out is a little confusing.

    I have the Docket Transcript from the municipality. But in the "Expungement Order" form I received from the courthouse, I guess I am supposed to leave the dates blank where it says "AND NOW, this _____ day of _____, 20___, the Court having found..." and fill out the rest?

    Also it says "(1) Defendant is entitled to expungement of the following offense(s) only in the above case:" Then there are three blank lines beneath. Am I or the court supposed to fill this part out?

    Finally there is "Common Please Number CP-15-CR- ____________." However there is no number preceeded by CP-15-CR on my Docket Transcript.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Summary Expungement Without an Attorney

    The language detailing the date of the court's order is often filled out in court, as sometimes the court does not rule on the day of the hearing. If you can anticipate the date and basis for the grant, you can prepare a judgment to submit to the court after hearing - but it would be wise to cover yourself by preparing a blank judgment. If the form you're looking at combines the motion and judicial findings, generally you would leave blank the portion representing the judge's order.

    "CP-15-CR" appears to be the start of the docket number for your case.

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    Default Re: Summary Expungement Without an Attorney

    Thank you for the reply. You say "hearing." I'm under the impression I'm filling out this information and mailing it in with $100. I am going by this--found at

    Cover Sheet: Name, address, phone number, Offense Tracking Number and/or Criminal

    Complaint Number.

    Motion: A brief statement explaining the reasons for seeking an expungement.
    Certified Copy of Disposition: A copy of the document or documents recording the official outcome of the case. Copies of summary cases are obtained from the office of the Magisterial District Judge that disposed of the case. The Department of Court Records, Criminal Division, Room 220 Allegheny County Courthouse, maintains the files for cases disposed by the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Criminal Division. Our office charges a fee of ten (10) dollars per case for certified copies. Copies may be obtained either in person or via mail. If you wish to obtain your certified copies by mail, please send a $10 money order to the following address along with your case number to: (lists the address)

    Proposed Expungement Order: The proposed directive from the Court to expunge records.

    Verification/Affidavit: A statement attesting that all of the provided information is true and correct.

    Filing a Motion of Expungement

    File with the Department of Court Records, Criminal Division, the original and three (3) copies of the Motion for Expungement with the certified copies of court records attached as an exhibit to the motion. The motion must be accompanied by a filing fee of $100.00, payable by cash, certified check, or money order made payable to the Department of Court Records, Criminal Division.
    The original and two (2) copies will be kept by the Department of Court Records. The third copy will be returned to the filer as a personal record.

    I live in Chester County but I can find nothing similar to the Allegheny County instructions on the internet. Also some of their stuff such as "Filing a Motion of Expungement." What exactly is that. Doesn't say. I've also made phone calls, and as I mentioned went to the Law Library and supposedly received the proper Chester County paperwork including directions that are indecipherable or close to it.

    They obviously are not making this anything like easy. I suppose a lawyer is in order. Ridiculous!

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