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    Default Representing Yourself at a Restraining Order Hearing

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: CA
    I'm in a divorce, neither can afford attorneys, both parties are pro se.

    First, concerning R.O. orders, what is the intent on having restrictions on one party, totally one sided, but nothing on the other for restictions concerning contact?

    Second, if the party that is "unrestricted", contacts the party that has "restrictions", and that action was intended to and hurt that "resticted party", can this be "good cause to request an order of mutual restrictions" and "no contact" for both parties as a reasonable request before pursuing any further action?

    To be sure it is taken as protective and not retalitory:
    To pursue this, I want to include it with other actions I need to take that would not focus on just this one incident, but my direction to pursue visitation?

    I've hesitated so much for more than a year and a half for some miracle to obtain "funds" or a "pro bono" lawyer or her to change her irrational activity for everyones sake, but it's time to face it, it's not coming.

    I hope these questions are clear and I will make corrections if needed to get some help, but know I'm not against my spouse. Definitely something is wrong with her right now that I can't get into. Even if you say this is possible, trust me I still have hesitation and I know I have to be careful. The only way to do this is to pursue advice form a site that will be unbiased and really give me knowledge at taking actions that will direct my fair and reasonable approach for an outcome to allow me access to my sons. I have been researching but, without the 'ok' or advice from an attorney, I'm stuck and scared. please help. Thanks.

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    Default 2 Questions on restraining orders

    No! this was not about-Representing yourself at a Restraining Order Hearing! No such thing took place and if you read my post, you'll understand what I ask and the details.
    I don't know what happened here, as I read the rules and I did submit a legal question needing a legal answer to follow.
    This is not about "representing myself" at a hearing, I believe someone mistakenly has misinterpreted.

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