My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Alaska

I purchased a vehicle in a private party transaction. It was sold to me for the perfect condition price according to the Kelly Blue Book. Prior to making the decision to take the vehicle, I had inspected everything I can see. I had paid a fraction of the amount for the vehicle so far, and the title was signed over to me with no lien. (Only my my name on the title) There is still money left to be paid on the vehicle. However, I had taken the car into an automotive shop to have it internally inspected and the amount came to atleast half of the perfect condition price in damages. Therefore the vehicle was NOT sold to me in perfect condition; it is considered fair condition according to the KBB.

I had confronted the person in regards to the damages and the misrepresentation of the vehicle and asked for the amount owed to be invested in the internal damages which were not mentioned prior to buying OR I will return the vehicle to the person and have the payment made so far refunded to me as well. The person refused both options and is now threatening to pursue a small claims court case to claim the amount due.

My question is, would the person have any rights to claim the vehicle or the payment owed with no lien on the title? (There is NO promissory note or documents stating details of the transaction, etc. ONLY the title, with my name ONLY, NO LIEN)