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    Default MIP at a High School Event

    I'm from new hampshire and on friday night I was charged at my school's football game with minor in possession of alcohol. There was a container of alcohol being passed around and it ended up in my hand when a school official came up, so I was the one taken out. The school official then turned me over to the officer at the game, where he then wrote me my court summons for November 1.

    I would really appreciate any legal advice so when I go to court I do not get a punishment that is beyond what I should get.

    I am a good student and am in various leadership clubs and even the principal's advisory group. I really do not want to see my future get thrown away because of this.


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    Default Re: MIP at a High School Event

    Your future is not going to get "thrown away" over an MIP. Depending on the full facts you could be on probation for a while, get a driver's license suspension, community service or other sanctions; if you're a good student with an otherwise clean record it shouldn't be worse than that (although obviously I'm not in a position to make guarantees). If your parents want, they can inquire with a local lawyer who handles juvenile cases about the odds that, under the full facts of your case, you could get a dismissal of some sort to avoid a juvenile disposition.

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