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    Default Laws Pertaining to Nude Images of Spouse

    My question involves marriage law for the State of: CA

    My wife and I are seperated but have no divorce proceedings taking place. Still married. Long story short, before my wife and I split we filmed over 100 hours of sexual content, with the intent of eventually making a website to make money on (hey what can I say my wife is a hott model). We've now split and she wants NO PART of that. However, I am still fully invested in this project. Having spent thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of camera equipement and stuff I want to continue working to produce this website. As I am a web designer by trade & have designed many well known adult sites. SOOOO.... my questions are, what can she do if I continue with this? And post our content for either free, or pay against her will? We have nothing in writing whatsoever. So, is this legal for me to continue?

    I almost want to liken this to the heidi montag and spencer pratt thing going on. But when I have the potential to earn $$$,$$$ money. I have to ask. I do have an attorney, but this is.... well, rather private and want to get a read before I goto him.

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    Default Re: Laws Pertaining to Nude Images of Spouse

    Address the images in your divorce as a marital asset, and ask the court to award you whatever rights you want. Then see what happens.

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    Default Re: Laws Pertaining to Nude Images of Spouse

    What can she do? Simple. She can sue - the exact details, type of case, and damages she seeks can be dependent upon the whats, hows, and when the images of her are released. If you don't have a STACK of paperwork showing her consent, expect very expensive trouble. Cooperation may have been her intent at one point, but sans some contract to the contrary, she's allowed to change her mind. That you went and invested a ton in equipment without that contract is on you.

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