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    Default Suing Over Bedbug Bites

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    My question involves injury or loss that occurred in the state of: Arizona (Bed Bug Infestation). I have tried to find a lawyer that would advise me of my rights if any but no one seems to do this kind of a claim. Is there anything I can do to recover the costs of this in terms of the medical and loss of time? Any advice is greatly appreciated. If anyone has the name of a lawyer in the Phoenix area that could help me it would be greatly appreciated as well please.
    Just wondering if you found an attorney for your case? A friend of mine also experienced a bed bug incident at a major Phoenix area hotel - hundreds of bites (ears, nose, face, neck, arms, legs...), lost work, medical costs, possible permanent facial scaring and significant pain/suffering not to mention the psychological effects. Checked with several a couple of the well-advertised personal injury firms in Phoenix and none were interested. The Maricopa Lawyer Referral Service could not provide a referral. It seems they are all only interested in chasing ambulances. Did you find anyone to help you or who would take your case?

    Does anyone else have the name of a Arizona or Phoenix area lawyer who might take the case, possibly on a non-contingency basis?

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    Default Re: Suing Over Bedbug Bites

    When no lawyer will touch a case, there's a reason. When the referral service can't provide a referral, odds are it's because they have already referred you to several lawyers who have rejected the case. I mean no disrespect to your friend, but it sounds like the lawyers who reviewed her case didn't find her claim to be credible. If you can shed some light on why lawyers are rejecting the case, it would be helpful.

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