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    Default How Long Will a Misdemeanor Show Up on Background Checks

    My question involves a background check in the State of: NJ (the incident occurred in NYC in 1971)

    I was convicted of a misdemeanor in 1971 in NYC. I THINK (it's been so long I'm not 100% sure) it was "attempted petty larceny." Since that time I haven't even gotten a ticket. It was a "stupid kid" mistake. I don't even remember what the actual disposition was. I know I pleaded guilty but there was no fine or jail. I got a public defender assigned, appeared in court, and went home to NJ shaken to my boots.

    I'm 62 yrs old now and looking for work. My age makes it difficult enough to find a job, but will this misdemeanor conviction from 40 years ago show up on a employment background check?

    Looking at the NY Criminal records website they seem to state that in NYC County records only go back to 1987. . Does this mean I'm "safe?"

    They didn't even have computers back in those days!

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    Default Re: How Long Will a Misdemeanor Show Up on Background Checks

    Whether or not it shows up will depend upon the background check performed. Background checks may be performed through private records databases that can include information that no longer appears in an official records check. If you lie and are caught, you can expect that you won't get the job or, if you have, you can be fired. You may want to consider getting a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities; info here.

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