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    Default Suit Dismissed Pending Payment of Debt, How to Handle Now

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: IL

    I was sued for non-payment of a credit card after the debt had been sold to a collection agency. It is my debt, there is no dispute. Today I went to court, and since I'm willing and able to pay the debt 100%, the judge agreed to dismiss my case, so long as I make payment within two weeks. The prosecuting attorney wrote up an order stating:

    "Defendant present and the Court advised:

    The case is dismissed without prejudice with leave to reinstate pursuant to payment plan below:

    1. Defendant agrees to pay $XXXX.XX plus court costs of $XXX.XX by 9/15/10

    2. If default, upon the motion, the Court shall reinstate the case and enter judgment for the complainant plus costs."

    I was given the lawyer's card and she told me to call her office to arrange payment.

    This was signed by myself and the judge, and a copy given to the court, myself, and the prosecuting attorney.

    I'm glad there's no judgment against me, but now I'm left not knowing how to settle this in such a way that it will truly be settled. I've heard nightmare stories about consumers paying off debts, yet still hounded by shady collectors. I want to settle this in good faith, but I don't trust collection agencies or their lawyers.

    What is the best way to pay? And before I pay, is there some sort of agreement I should ask for in writing that this payment will settle my debt?

    In other words, what steps can I make now to protect myself from this coming back to haunt me in the form of shady collection agencies?

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    Default Re: Suit Dismissed Pending Payment of Debt, How to Handle Now

    You will pay the full amount of the debt as defined in the consent order, by the deadline set forth in the consent order. You can pay with a document that leaves a record (check, money order, etc.)

    You have a consent order that reflects that the payment resolves the debt.

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