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    Default Model Release Waiver

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: TN
    I am a photographer/videographer. I was going through old model release forms and found a couple of them that were signed but the signature dates or date that the documents were signed was not printed on the form. the actual dates of the photos and moving photos were made are plainly written and both people signed the forms acknowledging they consented to the terms of the agreement. I guess my question is, does it matter that the signature date is not on the forms? These forms were signed after the photos/moving photos were made. I can't seem to find anything online about this. Common sense tells me that it probably doesn't matter, because the two parties signed the agreement, thats all that would matter and the dates that the photos/videos were made is included on the release waiver. Let me also add that these services were provided 5 and seven years ago. I don't even know how long I am required to keep release forms on file.. maybe someone here can help me with that too. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Model Release Waiver

    It would only be an issue if you were sued by one of the models.

    I would say that the statute of limitations would prevent a civil action.

    There are other ways to establish when the photos were taken if it came down to it.

    Besides, if you were sued, the person suing, the plaintiff has the burden of proof. You don't, although your own evidence would be important for your defense.

    The lack of a date would not invalidate the release unless perhaps the release was for a limited period of time.

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    Default Re: Model Release Waiver

    Given that the releases appear to be for specific sessions (with the dates of the photo sessions clearly indicated on the form), as opposed to photographs taken within a specific range of dates, I doubt that the lack of a date would be treated as significant if one of your models attempted to sue you.

    If the photographs are particularly valuable, or if you're planning on selling or assigning them and are worried that the buyer will balk at an undated release, you can consider trying to get the models to execute new releases.

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