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    Default Drug Object Possession, Schedule 4 Narcotics, Possession Legal in Prescription

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: GEORGIA

    My 19 year old sister was arrested on Monday, 8/30 in Camden County Jail on the above listed charges - possession of drug related objects (a digital scale), schedule 4 narcotics (3 soma, 2 valium) and the charge of prescription legal when in original container. I am from Florida, as is she, and we are completely terrified.

    I am very unfamiliar with the laws of Georgia and know they're very strict on drugs. Where we stand right now is she is being held without bond on the 2 drug charges and the drug related objects charge she was given a bond of $1200. Now we're in the process of retaining a lawyer and her next hearing is Wednesday which is when she will be in the Camden County Drug Court and a bond will be set for the two drug charges. Our fear is she will be slapped with an excessively high bond due to the fact she is out of state and has no ties to the community. We have plans to move her directly from the jail to a rehab center (as she suffers from a severe opiate addiction) and hope we can sway the judge to ROR her to the rehab.

    From where I stand know - I am just attempting to get opinions on the case and what we're truly facing in terms of consequences for her actions. She's 19 - never been arrested before and has no record at all. Her 27 year old boyfriend was also arrested (for suspended license and giving false ID to a LEO and is being held on an 8k bond) and has said he told the police the pills were his. Do you think that will help at all? What do you think are chances are for a bond? Are we looking at a prison sentence for her or probation? She lives in Florida so the probation will need to be transferred also.

    THank you so much.

    That should read she was arrested in Camden County, GA..Woodbine to specific which is 14 miles from the FL border and is being held in the Camden County Jail.

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    Default Re: Drug Object Possession, Schedule 4 Narcotics, Possession Legal in Prescription

    Hopefully the lawyer can work out a reasonable bail and argue her home isn't too fair away and that she has a strong support system. A bails bond man sometimes can cover most of the bond and then you pay 10 percent. You can't get the money back but this can help if the bond is 20,000 or some insane amount. It probably depends where in GA,some place are more lenient then others. She need to hire a lawyer,this is all a guess b.c i'm not a lawyer. Since it's her 1st time in trouble and it might even help that she is female that with a lawyer probation is possible imo. The scale looks bad but it's not a huge amount of drugs. A good lawyer can make all the difference in the world.

    The lst step is to find a good lawyer and have conversation with them,it's very stressful. The lawyer can give you guys a plan of attack and can make an educated guess on what can be worked out. Hopefully they can arrange reduction of the charges thru a plea . Once you talk with a lawyer it can ease you're mind somewhat.

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    Default Re: Drug Object Possession, Schedule 4 Narcotics, Possession Legal in Prescription

    Thank you.

    Yes, we've hired her a lawyer and things are looking up. She's sobered up in jail and ready for treatment. We have her bed waiting at a facility in Jacksonville (which is only 45 minutes away from the county of her arrest), she has a job waiting for her when she is done with treatment and her outpatient care is already set up. So we've got a VERY detailed plan of action ready for her bond hearing on Wednesday. She's also began to really understand the magnitude of just how much trouble shes gotten herself into with this situation and realizes returning to drugs will only land her back in this mess.

    We're hopeful given her age and her strong family support, along with great legal representation that she will be released into her treatment facility. We're even going to settle for a 30 day furlouge into treatment and another bond hearing the day she leaves treatment. Anything to get into the facility.

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